Nutrition individuality is key in heightening physical ability, facilitating injury recovery and achieving personal goals. Therefore, we use a highly bespoke approach with each client.

We also emphasise evidence-based nutritional education to provide you with the skills you need to manage your health forever.

Sports Nutrition:
Often neglected in the fitness and athletic world, a good diet can have a dramatic impact on physical performance, recovery and rehabilitation at all levels.

When it comes to meeting fitness goals, even 100% of your physical effort will not be enough without a good diet to support you. Eating right really is a huge contributing factor to athletic success. Therefore, we aim to help you maximise your physical capabilities through good nutrition tailored to your specific needs.

Weight Management:
In an industry saturated by ‘yo-yo’ diets, fads and cookie cutter diet plans achieving long-term weight loss can be confusing and challenging. If you are looking to change your mindset towards dieting and learn how to achieve true weight loss in a sustainable and enjoyable way, we are here to help.

Whether you are looking to lose, gain or maintain your current weight, you will be provided with highly specific dietary guidance alongside careful monitoring of your progress in order to achieve personal goals. Weight loss is not about drastic food restrictions and complex diet rules. It’s about simple dietary and lifestyle changes alongside the formation of healthy habits. Nutrition really does not need to be complicated.

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Massage therapy


Restore movement function and injury rehabilitation with our range of Therapy services.

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Good nutrition is key in supporting sports performance, weight management and overall health and longevity.

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Sports-specific strength & conditioning, or let us make it specific to keeping you active.

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Macro balanced

R and P Foods

We’ve set out to provide a range of macro balanced meals and snacks.



Relieve pain, prevent injury and train harder