Meet the team

The Team

The Creo Rehabilitation and Performance team work very closely with each client to develop customized programmes to optimise aspects of movement, nutrition and recovery. 

We only use an industry professional for all of our services, in order to provide the safest and most accurate advice to all of our clients we believe it's important that the coach is a qualified professional in their field. This means you can always trust the advice given to you by any of our team.

There is no generic fix that can be applied to everyone and our range of services ensure we have something for everyone's budget.

Our team of professionals apply small but sustainable changes to help all of our clients improve performance, nutrition and recovery. But foremost improve their quality of life.

Liam Ramshaw

Sports Therapist / Sports Massage Therapist

Liam is a registered Sports Therapist and covers our Therapy and Exercise services.

Regardless of age, history, or activity level he strives to help every client achieve optimum joint function and movement quality, helping to improve performance, reduce pain and improve quality of life.

He believes that every client should have the education to understand their symptoms, causes, and most importantly what's required to fix the issue. This educational approach reduces the chances of reoccurrence and allows us to work with the client more closely on a specific prehabilitation plan. 

Everyone can improve their movement quality, decrease pain and perform better. All it takes is a little education and a shift of attention.


Maddie Green Anutr


Maddie is a Registered Associate Nutritionist specialising in Weight Management and Sports Nutrition offering tailored nutritional advice and diet plans.

Maddie is a strong advocate for feeling healthy and energised whilst achieving goals and gaining a true nutritional understanding so that individuals can learn to manage their nutrition long-term.

Maddie’s primary nutrition focuses are:

  • Diet Individuality
  • Diet Sustainability
  • Dietary Enjoyment
  • Nutrition Education

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